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Welpen_auf_armAt the early age of 4 years, I got an Airdale Terrier by my parents as I have been staying more time at the neighbours who owned dogs than at home. Susy was an important part of my childhood and youth and we did spend a wonderful 18 years as best friends.

1972 my husband and I have been falling in love with the extraordinary charm and temperament of West-Highland White Terriers and we decided to buy one. By that time my husband already owned a polar dog as well as two salukis. A second Westie did follow soon and I started showing..

1975 my first litter of Westies was born and I had so much fun with it that showing and breeding ended up in a perfect hobby.

Soon later the first Scottish Terrier stepped into our home and heart as a pendant to our Westies. Since that time Westies, Scotties and another 4 legged breed – horses – became to my enjoyments of live.

We do live on a county property in a suburb of Hamburg which does suit very well with the terriers. If you feel interested in my dogs do not hesitate and give me a call………