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The Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is rather known as the gentleman among the group of Terriers. His very distinguished temperament does give the impression of friendly reserved, dignified independent but courageous and highly intelligent dog. His origin is Scotland were the Scotty was used to hunt vermin in earlier days .He is of low stature with a strong muscular body and short stout legs. His head is rather large in proportion to the size of the body. He can be extraordinary fast in hunting rats, badgers etc. which is not necessary today but you can see these abilities by playing the ball.
Due to the short legs and the strong and heavy body the Scotty is usually not a good swimmer.The colour of their coat can be either black, wheaten or brindle of any colour. His general appearance is that of a sturdy thickset dog of a size to get to ground, alert in carriage and suggestive of great power and activity in small compass. You should never see a “waist” on a Scotty. Height at the shoulders approx. 25 – 28 cm (
10 to 11 inches)

He is a very good companion for families as well as for singles. He is very adaptable.
If you have ones owned a Scotty, you will never get this breed out of your heart.

Seabisquit von Tinsdal
A very typical Scotty of Tinsdal breeding
We do congratulate Simone Plünnecke for gaining
all this titles with her bitch.


KFT Jgd. CH, CH. D. Ch. VDH,
S.: CH Southern Comfort von Tinsdal
D.: Sense of Gold von Tinsdal
Breeder: G. Gutschow
Owner: Simone Plünnecke


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Stuane Lock Smith (dog)

Ch KFT Jgd., CH. D, CH VDH, Klubsg. D., Klubsg. CH,
div. Res. Best In Show, angekört
 litter brother to GB CH Stuane Loch Guard, Top Scottie 2006 u. 2007 in England


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Summer Night Dream von Tinsdal (bitch)

KFT Jgd. CH, Klub Jgd. Sg, Klub Jgd. Sg. CH,
div CAC u. ResCAC.
V: Multi Ch. Stuane Lock Smith,
M: Scally Wag von Tinsdal


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Scotch Spirit (dog)

3 x CAC, div. Res. CAC, Ch. D KfT,


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So Smashing von Tinsdal (bitch)

V.:Multi Ch. Southern Comfort von Tinsdal
M.: Scally Wag von Tinsdal
born. 2003 Title.: Ch. D. Kft. Jgd. Ch.,
Klub Jgd. Sg. Klug Jgd. Sg. CH.
She got her first Best In Show at the early age of 9 month

so smashing von tinsdal

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