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The West – Highland – White Terrier, shortly called Westie, is a happy, active, alert, courages little dog with a lot of self-esteem. Due to his adaptability he is a very good nember of families. His charming impression and his personality plus does get them into every ones heart easily.
Originaly he was bred in the Scottish Highlands to go on vermin.

General appearance
A strongly built small dog, level in back and powerful quarters on muscular legs. Should have the expression of strength and activity.
His very eye catching expression of the head results by three black point, eyes and nose. The ears which are erect and carried firmly, terminated in a sharp point, do get them a cheeky impression. The tail should not be longer than 15 cm. Experts rather prefer a shorter one. Their tails have never been docked. The size should be about 11 inches at the withers.

His popularity newer days result by his adaptability, size and positive expression as well as good temperament.

It is the ideal companion for families as well as singles.

Royal Lady von Tinsdal (bitch)

S.: Lucky Stars Royal Male, D.: Bally von Tinsdal


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Ravnegaards Alex (dog)



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Bonnie Ann’s Troilus

shown 3 times: 3 x exellent 1, 2 CC`s, 1 res. CC.
S: CH The Dashing Devil`s Lucky Strike
D: CH Bellvue Spirit Chaser
res. CACIB, Res. CAC


Bonnie Ann350px

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